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Thirsk Chiropractic ClinicThirsk Chiropractic Clinic, North Yorkshrie, UK

Leanne Cowling of Holistic Hands by Leanne provides massage and Reiki treatments.


Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment for injuries, and has been practiced by many ancient and modern civilizations, including the ancient Greeks and Romans and as part of traditional Chinese medicine.  The word is derived from the Greek word “massein” meaning “to knead.”

Advanced remedial massage aims to treat the body’s soft tissues, muscles, and bones that have been damaged or strained in accidents, as part of an illness or during physical activity.  Remedial massage techniques, stretching and exercises can help to promote healing, stretch and strengthen damaged tissues, reduce scar tissue after injury or surgery and relieve stress induced conditions.

Advanced remedial massage is a “hands on” technique and can be performed either lying or sitting on a massage couch, or sitting on a chair.  Patient participation in performing stretches under the guidance of the therapist is an integral part of the treatment.  Massage can be used on its own as a treatment or in conjunction with other health care professionals such as chiropractors and doctors etc.  Advanced remedial massage can be used effectively to relieve symptoms in many conditions including:

Sports Related injuries:  Used to relieve pain and assist in the healing of both acute and chronic injuries, and to help optimize sporting performance during training.  Pre and post event massage can help to reduce muscular stiffness, aide stretching and enhance recovery times.

Occupational injuries:  RSI, “computer syndrome” - sore neck and shoulders from sitting for long periods in front of computer screens / VDUs.

Accidents:  e.g. Whiplash, mobilisation of limbs after removal of plaster casts and treatment above and below the injury whilst still in plaster.

Arthritis:  To help maintain a joint’s range of motion and to assist with pain control or relief in conjunction with other treatments, or on its own.

Stress:  To reduce headaches, tension in the head, neck and shoulders, to relieve migraine symptoms, and to aid with relaxation and general wellbeing.

Children:  Certain complaints, including glue ear, can be relieved with massage. 

Specific injuries may only require a short course of treatment.  Chronic or progressive conditions may require a short course of treatment followed by a maintenance programme to keep symptoms under control. Each client’s needs will be individually assessed prior to any treatment commencing and will be reassessed on each visit.

If you are unsure whether massage is for you do not hesitate to call the clinic for further advice or information.

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